Consumer Wearables

A selection of smart devices that detect and regulate your steps.

A companion app that detects changes in steps.

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For care takers

Patient care with an admin system that allows statistics and tracking of multiple users.

Bundle packages compliant with insurance policies

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1/4 adults
falls every year

but most accidents are preventable

1 in 4 adults fall every year

the pattern of how a person walks

has their unique
way of walking

Pendulum decrypts the hidden patterns in your gait and detects risks based on gait alterations with the help of devices attached to your shoes.

walking figure


Pendulum Walker

Pendulum Walker

Helps you balance your steps, improves your stance, and alerts you of fall risks, all with a simple add-on.

Pendulum Steps Smart Insolesh

Pendulum Step

Reduce your chronic pain by improving your step using smart insoles that detect pressure points.

Pendulum Set

Pendulum Starter

A set including Pendulum Step and Pendulum Walker and a gym bag. Included 2 free months of subscription

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